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Are you looking to install a new telecommunication service or maybe you need to replace your underground pipe lines? Look no further than the team at Slaney Non-Destructive Excavations. We can perform all non-destructive digging requirements for projects from Sydney to Wollongong, Newcastle and throughout the ACT. No the matter the size, location or project length, we can undertake any vacuum excavation project scope.


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What is Non-Destructive Digging?

Non-destructive digging also commonly known as vacuum excavation or hydro excavation is regarded as one of the safest excavation techniques in the industry. NDD has many important applications within both residential and commercial sectors. This form of excavation is quick, easy and very affordable compared to other excavation techniques. The process of non-destructive digging is to remove small particles or heavy debris of organic and inorganic materials from various surfaces or existing holes. From the removal of street waste and demolition material through to exposing piping for replacements and utility installations, non-destructive digging is widely accepted as the safest and most effective way to access existing underground services.


What are the Advantages of Vacuum Excavation?

  • Reduces manual labour costs
  • Reduces noise around residential areas so you can work at anytime
  • Cheaper alternative to traditional excavation techniques
  • Reduced risk to utility services such as water, gas, telecommunications, power and sewers
  • Reduced risk of operators getting an injury from conducting excavation work
  • Reduced environmental impact as minimal soil disturbance occurs
  • More accurate excavation method when compared to traditional excavations, which keeps your project on schedule

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Our Vac Trucks for Hire

In order to complete your non-destructive digging project, we have a range of excavation equipment available for hire including sucker trucks. We place high importance in regards to our sucker truck servicing and maintenance to ensure that no breakdowns happen on your worksite whether that be in Sydney, up north in Newcastle or down south in Wollongong or the ACT.

Our vac truck hire includes:

  • 2 x 1,200L Sucker Trucks for Hire
  • 2 x 6,000L Suck Trucks for Hire

  • 1 x Jetter Combo Unit for Hire

  • 1 x 20,000L Tank for Hire


Locating Services: Ground Penetrating Radar, CCTV Camera Inspections and Pipe Jetting Services

Here at Slaney Non-Destructive Excavations, we offer a range of services to locate underground utilities, inspect pipework and unclog drains. This includes using ground penetrating radars for detection, CCTV cameras for inspections and jet rods for water jetting. 

Our ground penetrating radar allows us to locate your underground utilities by using radar pulses to depict the surface below. Our locating equipment can be utilised in a variety of project scopes, but ideally for excavation projects. Knowing where underground utilities are before excavating can save you time and money if you need to to replace a pipe or unclog a blockage in an underground utility line.

Our CCTV locating cameras are primarily used to visually checking whether there is a significant blockage in your pipework or if your pipework needs a general clean. We maintain a range of inspection cameras that offer 360-degree surveillance, allowing us to easily identify blockage, leaks and cracks.

Once we've located the blockage in your pipes using our CCTV inspection cameras, we can then implement our water jetting equipment. Over time, fats, grease, minerals and silts build up in the pipe walls, clogging them up and therefore reducing the flow of water. Our jet rods use pressurised water to blast through the blockage and cleaning the pipework walls.

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Contact Slaney Non-Destructive Excavations today or fill out our online enquiry form to talk to us about your next vacuum excavation project and organise a competitive and affordable quote. Whether you are in Sydney, up north in Newcastle, down south in Wollongong or the ACT, we can undertake any non-destructive digging project with our well-maintained sucker trucks for hire.

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