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Slaney Non-Destructive Excavations specialise in non-destructive methods of excavation, detection and inspection for projects across Sydney and from Wollongong to Newcastle. One popular non-destructive inspection method we provide is CCTV camera inspections for drains and pipes. By using a special CCTV camera, we can identify any blockages, leaks or cracks present in your drains or pipes. Whether you’re considering an annual pipe check-up, or you think you might have a blockage, a CCTV inspection is a great way to inspect pipes safely and quickly. To learn more about our CCTV pipe inspection process read on below or reach out to our team today to organise a free quote.


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How does a CCTV Pipe Inspection work?

The process of using a CCTV camera to inspect your pipes is quite simple. We first identify the pipe that’s causing trouble or the drain you’d like checked out. We then lead a small camera through the opening and record the inside of the pipe. This process provides real-time data and a 360-degree view of the inside of your drain capturing any issues like blockages, cracks, grease or fat built-ups.


Why are Pipe Inspections important?

Pipe inspections are important for a number of reasons including:

1. Preventing damage before it occurs​

CCTV pipe inspections are a cost-effective and non-destructive way to check your pipes and drains before issues can arise. By implementing this preventative method, rather than a reactive one, you can stop burst pipes and clogged toilets from occurring (which in turn becomes a costly endeavour).

2. Finding blockages quickly and easily

If you do have a problem with your pipes, a CCTV camera inspection is an easy, non-destructive method of identifying blockages, mould, cracks, leaks, rust and more. 

3. ​Helping you decide the next course of action

Once the CCTV camera inspection has identified what is causing trouble in your drains or pipes, you can then decide the next steps you need to take to remove the blockage like performing hydro jetting.

    Pipe inspections are incredibly important for not only commercial businesses but also residential properties. Therefore, it’s suggested that you try and book in a pipe inspection annually as a preventative method of checking for any pipe damage, cracks, leaks or blockages.


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